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Varanasi has been a city which has assimilated several cultures and traditions coming from elsewhere. Varanasi or Kashi has been the center of many cults that emerged in Hinduism and Islam with passage of time. Not only is this but there also other paths to gain eternal peace from daily hue and cry of life to many. People comes Varanasi to gain knowledge of ultimate truth. Though there are no sages of ancient Rigvedic period some saints still help people to attain bliss.

Indian Ashrams were centres of great learning in the past

India has a tradition of Ashram that were small huts of sages in dense forest. Ashram in ancient times was meant for only intellectual purposes either for meditation of sage or learning of students. This is commonly known as Guru-Shishya Paramapara which translates to teacher-pupil tradition. These Ashram were centers of great learning and many of great personalities of ancient India were mentored in these Ashram.

Though time has changed and we are living in a wholly mechanized world of learning where by learning from computers and other teaching aids is prevalent, we still need some mental relief from never ending activities that surround us. If not young elderly miss that lack of space for common folk and loiter here and there in search of any kind of assistance that could give them some mental, emotional and physical relief from tiring day to day life.

What are the motives of ashrams of India at present?

Ashram system still exists in India though with some alteration of past system. These Ashram are a Centre of activities that could give people some psychological peace. Generally these are owned by some great saints or babas. Though these are organizational in structure these ashram are centers of intellectual and spiritual activities like Yoga, Asanas , Meditations and some other activities that include groups. Many devotional songs and cultural activities like preaching by great saints or religious gurus are a part of daily lives of people. People come in large numbers especially those who have some problems in their lives stay for some time get mental relief and learn to be happy in life accepting challenges and obstacles.

Ashrams and Muths in Varanasi

In Varanasi different religious outfits have their own Muths and Ashram. Many of these Muths and Ashram have survived for centuries and are centers of spiritualism and religious activities. Some of the noted Muths and Ashram of Varanasi are listed below:

  • Dharm Sangh
  • Nirajani Akhanra
  • Satua Baba Ashram
  • Widow Ashram
  • Shankaracharya Math
  • Jangambari Math
  • Sadhu Bela Ashram
  • Mata Anandmai Ashram
  • Radha Swami Bag
  • Kabir Math
  • KarpatriJi Math
  • Dandi Swami Math
  • RamKrishna Mission Sevashram
  • Kinaram Math
  • Sanatan Gaudiya Math
  • ShriMath, PanchgangaGhat
  • Tailang Swami Math
  • GadwaGhat Ashram
  • Gopal Math
  • Bhinagaraj Dandi Sevashram

These Ashram are non-political organizations and almost all run on charity of members. Many times some self-proclaimed god-men or god-women come to light in some other contexts or clearly saying criminal acts.

To avoid cheatings and frauds in the name of providing ashram shelter tour and travel companies have emerged for your assistance.

Holy Voyages provides you a list of Ashram on its itinerary with best opportunities to visit an ashram in Varanasi. This could bring a miraculous change to your life.

Day 1 : 

Arrival Varanasi + Evening Ganga Aarti(ceremony)

Pickup from Airport/Railway station and check in to Hotel.

At evening, get ready to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life, as you will be taken to River Ganges. Enjoy Ganga Aarti. Get a glimpse of the spiritualism at the Ganga Ghats (river front).Can enjoy the evening Ganga Arti on Boat (optional and by own cost). Night stay at Hotel in Varanasi.

Day 2 : 

Varanasi -Morning Boat ride + Ashram tour in Varanasi

Early morning, we will be taken for a boat ride on the Ganges. It is a mystical and spiritual experience as you watch people offering water to the Sun God and devotees taking holy dip in the Ganges. We will visit all the famous Ghats of Varanasi via boat. Latter visit the most religious Kashi Vishwanath templeAnnapurna Temple. Then come back to Hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast, we start a Ashram tourin which we covers the below places :-


Satua Baba Ashram: It’s a ashram which is four hundred year old, where disciples get free food , free accommodation and transcendentally yoga, and get spiritual blessing. It is also the place where even corpse’s prostate in reverence to get eternal relief and get a new body. It is believed that a corpse could get bliss only if it prostate before Satua Baba.

Widow Ashram: Where widow can get total support of social religious and spiritual uplifting. And they will come here to get the emancipation for attaining Moksha. Here you can see the how they spend their life and the activities performed by them in ashram.

Dandi Ashram: In this ashram where the age old people come here to get the salvation .

Akhada Ashram: In this ashram where the sages and saints practice the aerobatic and yogic practices to protect from ill mindedness.

Day 3 : 

Varanasi -Morning Temple tour – latter drop to airport/railway station

After breakfast, Visit the Bharat Mata templeSankat Mochan(Hanuman temple/Monkey Temple)Manas MandirBHU. Come back to hotel,have some leisure time.Later drop to airport/Railway station with pleasant memory of holy trip.

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