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In the history and legends of Varanasi we are a group of experienced, knowledgeable and well educated people and we love to share the uniqueness of our city, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. In his book “The Indian Equator”, Mark Twain one of the greatest Historians writes, “Varanasi is older than tradition, older than civilization and looks twice older if all these put together”. To share the wealth and knowledge of the Indian culture with our clients we customize journeys of fulfilments and we stand for quality, reliability, knowledge and experience by delivering our services with attentive care as the wonders of India unravel before you. We promise to take you to see unusual places of interest that we have discovered during our many years of guiding tourists to our wonderful, exceptional city. We always deliver on our promises and are sure that you will definitely not be disappointed in our tours.

The state tourism department of Varanasi has come up with a unique plan: that of allowing visitors to go on heritage walks through the temple town. Dubbed the ‘Circle of life’ walk, this innovative new way of exploring Varanasi will open doors for visitors to get drenched in Banarasi way of life. In all, the walk will cover 16 key attractions between Assi Ghat and Dal Mandi.

The decision to introduce a heritage walk was arrived upon by a team of tourism officials and representatives from the International Center for Sustainable Cities who deliberated on the merits of the decision –the contingent also chalked out a route map and worked out the logistics. Sameeha Sheth, who is acting as a consultant on the project and is a heritage walk specialist, said that people are always on the lookout for some fresh experiences which they can now get in Varanasi;  the temple town has so many sites with intriguing stories woven around them, that visitors will go back home with wonderful memories.

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She went on to add that the heritage walk will weave together all unique tangible and intangible assets of Varanasi, places that romanticize its colorful history apart from connecting all the establishments that have been established along the holy river Ganga.  The walk, which would cover a distance of 4 km, allows participants to get a first-hand experience of the different rituals and expressions that are such an integral part of Varanasi and practiced in places like ghats, temples, maths, and many other cultural hotspots.

Amrit Abhijat, who is the director general of UP Tourism, informed that each year more than 160 lakh tourists –out of which 6.5 lakh are foreigners –visit the temple town. In the normal situation, these visitors, who have their own perception of Varanasi, don’t always get a real feel of the world’s oldest city and return home dissatisfied. But now with the heritage walk in place, visitors will not miss a heartbeat as these walks showcases the best that is on offer.

In anticipation of the heritage walk, the areas along the route have been brushed up; the department is already collaborating with the local municipal corporation and administration to smooth things out and give the final touches. Some of the steps undertaken by the department as part of the augmentation process include raising signage, putting up waste bins, installing lights, creating public toilets and parking spaces, setting up ticket information kiosks and providing drinking water facilities. In addition to these works, photo-points will be created and landscaping will be done along the route.

Circle of Life

  • State tourism department comes up with heritage walk for visitors in Varanasi, which is the second most-visited tourist destination in UP second to Agra
  • The proposed name for the walk is ‘Circle of life’ and will give visitors a taste of Banarasi way of life through its history, culture and rituals.
  • At the moment there are three private heritage trails that are in operation
  • The usual private tours aren’t the best means to explore Varanasi. Also, they cost a bomb.
  • Guides and volunteer training programs for the heritage walk will commence on mid-May while walk kicks off in July

The story of the queen who became a symbol of Indian resistance against the British colonial power, the story of the saint born with teeth who would chant Rama’s name instead of crying. Varanasi is rich in anecdotes and finds hallowed place in the country’s history and mythology.

This walk will take you to an akhada (the traditional wrestling mud-ground) from the 16th century, a water-pumping station from British Raj and Mughal era where you witness 300 year-old handlooms still producing traditional silk. You walk through the ruins of the old palace of the King of Varanasi and the biggest widow-ashram of this city. But that’s not all that this walk has for you. On this trail, you will come across many, many more unheard, unknown aspects of the city. 

This walk takes you to the heart of the city where you can experience the lifestyle of people, feel the culture of the city and enjoy the serpentine lanes. It`s a journey that will foster travelers to become a part of the city forever. You will see the life of local people living in the lanes on this “Walk of Heritage Hidden Lanes” and also visit places like Weavers Haveli, Nepali temple, etc. Other places covered are Manikarnika Lane, Vishalakshi Temple, Nepali Temple, Lalita Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Matri Rin Mandir, Kashi Karwat. 


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